Package org.javaWebGen.util

Class Summary
CacheListener WARNING Experimintal code though it will work in theory Listens for CACHE Objects that have been updated in the cluster using a multcast socket calls CacheManager to remove the object
CacheManager Experimental and not well tested.
CacheReaper cleans up expired objects from the CacheManager may have a threading issue!
CodeGenerator Base Code generator class that handles common functions among the code generators
FileUtil Title: FileUtil
GenerateController Generated Web Controller Objects from the database config creates a WebController and a implementation class.
GenerateModel create Models Generated Web Model Objects from the database config creates a WModel classr and a implemtation class The implemation class Will be overwriten!
GenerateTestCase Generated database aware JavaBean objects based on database config
GenerateView Generated view(JSP)s in this case from the database schema.
HexUtils Library of utility methods useful in dealing with converting byte arrays to and from strings of hexadecimal digits.
HtmlUtil HTML helper methods
ObjectPool Generic class for handling Object pooling
PropertiesReader class reads messages from a resource bundle or config properties
SocketPool Very Simple Pool of Socket network Connections NOTE: Expermintal IE untested
StringUtil Misc static String methods that needed a home somewhere
Util Misc static methods that needed a home somewhere might somday move the log methods out
UtilTestHarness Check harness for Utility methods

Copyright(C) 2003-2006 Kevin Scott - All Rights Reserved.