Application Generation Walk Through

Data Table setup

Here is a basic Database table I built using mysql:

Generate classes and JSPs

Now we are going to generate all classes and JSP pages with a simple ant commend.

Here the ant command being run:

This step Generates a war file called “SampleWebApp.war” that contain all the generated classes and JSP pages. To deploy the Web Application by copying the generated WAR file to your Application Server. I am using Tomcat so I copy it to Tomcat's webapp directory, and Tomcat will automatically deploy it.

Here is the file structure of the generated web application:

Generated Web Application In action

Here is the List User Screen:

Here is the record detail screen:

Here is the record create screen:

Here is the result of applying a theme. This can be done with custom code or by changing a configuration file.

That all there is to generating a web application (Database Wrapper, Model, Controller, JSP, and Unit test classes). This library will currently handle the following common operations (create, update, delete, and list all). Logo