Interface Summary
DataBean interface representing the data in one row of the database classes that implements this are generally generated by the GeneratDAO object

Class Summary
DAO Base DAO(Data Access Object) object that handles running sql against the database.
DataManagerFactory factory to create the correct DataManager and initialize it.
DbResult class that provides a way of saving metadata Data from an SQL query for the data objects without using any Data base resources(ie an open connection)
GenericSequence used to find next unique value(sequence) of a primary key for a database using a special table called org_kev_index The table will use the following DDL
HSQLDataManager Handles talking to an HSQL embedded DataBase
JDBCConnectionPool this is untested connection pool using the Datasource pooling from the JDBC driver IT uses JNDI to find the correct driver.
MSSQLDataManager handles talking to a Microsoft's SQL server using Microsoft's buggy JDBC driver.
MySQLDataManager handles talking to an mySQL database.
OldJDBCConnectionPool Very Simple Database(JDBC) connction pool for keeping a pool of open database connections.
OracleDataManager Handles talking to an oracle database.
OracleSequence used to find next unique value(sequence) of a primary key for a oracle database @see GenericSequence This will someday use native ORACLE SEQUENCE TABLES
ReportDAO WARNING this class can be Dangerous.
WebLogicDataManager Handles talking to Weblogic to get a database conneciton.

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